1295 East Dunne Ave.

Suite 120

Morgan Hill, CA 95037

  • books
  • toys
  • cafe
  • notary

Elevator Pitch:

We are dedicated to helping people have fun, learn and think through books, toys, cards and events. We are advocates for the community.

Tell us about your business, what inspired you to get into it, what you sell/service you offer, what makes your business stand out and how it impacts you, your community or the environment.

BookSmart is our passion and legacy, In business for over three decades, our love of books and toys (and great coffee) endures. BookSmart is looking to the future with over 5000 sq. ft. filled with books, educational toys, cards, magazines, coffee and ice cream. We are glad that we have become a "3rd place" for locals. We believe that education is the most fundamental building block of the future. We support the local community in every way we can. To us, every customer is an honored guest.

How would you use the FedEx Small Business Grant money to make a significant impact on your business?

BookSmart recently moved from our beloved downtown due to a redevelopment project. The move was much more expensive than we anticipated. We will use this grant to put the finishing touches on our beautiful new space and stock our shelves with lots of new titles and shiny new things, making sure that we can continue to serve the community we love!


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