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Gathered Bites

Charlotte, NC

  • Food & Beverage
  • gluten-free
  • healthy snacks
  • paleo
  • dairy-free

You are what you eat! That is why we are passionate about helping you eat healthy snacks that have NO gluten, dairy, soy, or refine sugars.

What inspired you to get into the business you are in today?

After suffering health issues of my own I took matters in my own hands by changing my diet. Doing this I regained my health and have been lucky to share this success with others. Gathered Bites came about after hearing friends and family complain of not having healthy paleo snack options on the market. I got in the kitchen and started to create healthy snacks using the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients loaded with health benefits and minus all the sweeteners & additives.

How do you define success for yourself and for your business?

We are a new small business so right now the smallest things can feel like a success. But our end goal with Gathered Bites is to create great-tasting snacks made of real-pure-whole ingredients that will make you happy inside and out. We also want to build a brand of food products that customers trust to be healthy and delicious and that can fuel them through their day. By doing this we can then improve the health and happiness of our customers and community with our products.

How would you use the FedEx SMB Grant money to make a significant impact on your business and/or on others?

By winning the grant we can complete our online shopping website which will then allow us to get our products shipping nationwide and improve the snacking habits of people everywhere. It can also help us to start focusing on being able to grow the brand to sell in major health food stores nationwide. We are excited because by winning this grant it could really help to propel our business in ways that we can't do right now on our own.

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