Fireside Gallery

1017 S. Weinbach Ave.

Evansville, IN 47714

  • rain barrels
  • whiskey barrels
  • wine barrels

Elevator Pitch:

We are dedicated to re-cycling plastic, whiskey and wine barrels into useful products for the home, patio and garden.

Tell us about your business, what inspired you to get into it, what you sell/service you offer, what makes your business stand out and how it impacts you, your community or the environment.

It started about 15rs. ago by our owner, Wyman, who made our first rain barrel in his garage out of a plastic barrel that had just arrived from Argentina full of olives. A web-site was started and the rain barrels were a big hit. After several years the market became saturated, so we went to whiskey barrels and then last year wine barrels. By re-using these barrels to manufacture our products we are keeping them out of the landfill and are providing a highly desirable product for our customers

How would you use the FedEx Small Business Grant money to make a significant impact on your business?

We would continue to buy and sell our products to create new and useful items to satisfy our customers. We would continue to work to keep our stock built up to give our customers fast and efficient service. We continually come up with new items to make out of these barrels that will keep them from going to the landfill. We are a family business, Wyman, owner, wife Robin, sister Betty, niece Kayce and employees that are like family.We ship only Fed-Ex. We are the second biggest shipper in Eville.


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