Gopi Shah Ceramics

1294 Lincoln Ave

San Rafael, CA 94901

  • ceramics
  • pottery
  • artist
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Elevator Pitch:

A one woman, handcrafted ceramics design studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. California inspired modern pottery that is one of a kind.

Tell us about your business, what inspired you to get into it, what you sell/service you offer, what makes your business stand out and how it impacts you, your community or the environment.

Inspired by Mesoamerican art and California natural landscapes, Gopi Shah Ceramics combines youthful creativity with craftsmanship to create stoneware pottery that bridges ancient traditions and techniques with the modern world. Community and the environment are driving forces behind the business. Clay and packing materials are recycled to reduce our carbon footprint. Community is created between women-owned small businesses, local boutiques, and customers through handmade in the USA products.

How would you use the FedEx Small Business Grant money to make a significant impact on your business?

Gopi Shah Ceramics is at a turning point for a small creative business. In 2016, the business created demand through over 40 wholesale accounts. To expand my business and ensure its sustainability, I will need to rent a larger studio space, purchase more equipment, and switch from wheel-thrown pieces to molds. I will also need to hire a team of professionals to increase production, which will allow me to focus on creating new designs and running the business.


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