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New Wave Pro

Terre Haute, IN

  • Entertainment & Leisure

New Wave Pro Wrestling offers entertainment and family fun for all ages at an affordable price.

What inspired you to get into the business you are in today?

I have always been a wrestling fan and have watched wrestling since I was young. I have went to many local WWF/WCW events and started with building my own ring with my dad in our backyard. My friends and I wrestled weekly for our neighbors. I purchased a ring in Nov. 2012 and started using my dads small warehouse in Jan. 2013 to have the first New Wave Pro Event. We quickly outgrew the space that held 65 fans and moved to my dad's bigger warehouse, former recycling center, that can hold 500 fans

How do you define success for yourself and for your business?

Success would be adding many more happy fans/customers to our already growing fan base. We would like to contribute more to the community. We have participated in these events in the past year: Vigo County Relay For Life, United Way Fundraiser, Kris Eaton Memorial Scholarship Fund, Saving Sunny Fundraiser, Terre Haute Downtown Block Party, and National Night Out. We were even key in helping a young boy, age 4, who was told he would nerver walk, take his first steps in our wrestling ring.

How would you use the FedEx SMB Grant money to make a significant impact on your business and/or on others?

The New Wave Pro Arena has started the remodeling process to make our arena better for our fans, but there is still much more to be done. Our building was a recycling center prior to becoming home to New Wave Pro. We have begun the drywall process, but only one wall at this time. A full concession stand would better our fans experience. Our floor needs new concrete because it is uneven so it limits our use of the space. We also do not have a central air unit at this time, but are in need of one.

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