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Fiber Art Now

East Freetown, MA

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Quarterly print & digital magazine for contemporary fiber arts & textiles. We are a worldwide community in support of what we love.

What inspired you to get into the business you are in today?

After 3 years of writing a blog on fiber arts and growing our following, we launched the print magazine in October, 2011. From the first issue we had a loyal group of subscribers, and it has grown steadily. Now FAN is in over 400 B & N stores, 200 stores in Canada, and select UK newsstands. We have a community of almost 50,000 engaged & passionate followers. Our mission and inspiration is the opportunity to inspire and connect all of them with their passion. http://bit.ly/1a4YTHP

How do you define success for yourself and for your business?

Our initial goals are to build a destination website that provides value to our community and start attending conferences. Until now we have grown exclusively from our online community. We would like to build video & special publications into our repertoire to make exciting visual projects that can be shared & shown a wider audience the appeal and soul of this art form, which is enjoying an exciting renaissance. We are not only a magazine, but a cohesive community that has grown around FAN.

How would you use the FedEx SMB Grant money to make a significant impact on your business and/or on others?

Build online assets that spread our mission and increase the profile of our partners with a creative, cutting-edge and friendly sensibility. Online assets would include not only a new website with multiple practical resources but also videos of fiber arts/textiles legends who need to be recorded and have their stories shared before its too late. The young, vibrant DIY audience can be brought into the fold to understand the importance of building with their hands and how that tradition started.

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