Queen Farina

335 E 120 S

Smithfield, UT 84335

  • raw honey
  • beekeeping
  • sustainability
  • whole food

Elevator Pitch:

Two beekeeping sisters promoting safe and sustainable beekeeping while bringing raw honey to the table...spread that on your toast!

Tell us about your business, what inspired you to get into it, what you sell/service you offer, what makes your business stand out and how it impacts you, your community or the environment.

We bought two hives to teach our children about the importance of honeybees. It turned from hobby to small biz as the demand for our honey became a waiting list. We created an Adopt A Hive program to expand our apiary and promote the honeybee population. Our vision of providing a more sustainable future is shared through our Bees Kneeds Campaign where we avoid the use of antibitotics and chemicals in our hives and provide Certified Naturally Grown raw honey and other beeswax and honey products.

How would you use the FedEx Small Business Grant money to make a significant impact on your business?

We would be able to use the grant for purchasing equipment to bottle our honey allowing us to be more efficient. We'd also be able to purchase large quantities of supplies bringing down our costs. Becoming financially stable helps us to promote the honeybee population even more! Increasing our colonies and replacing worn out beekeeping equipment helps us to maintain safe beekeeping practices. It would also help us to market our beekeeping classes. Thank you for the opportunity!


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