Peculiar Productions, LLC

PO Box 434

Guntersville, AL 35976

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Elevator Pitch:

We are stronger together - Peculiar Productions knows that you have a unique place and design. We work with you to find it and pursue it.

Tell us about your business, what inspired you to get into it, what you sell/service you offer, what makes your business stand out and how it impacts you, your community or the environment.

“How do you do it?” The number one question that people asked us at events was how we were pursing the path that we were currently walking. “We are just doing what we believe we are supposed to be doing.” “But how?” That is the trick after all. Many of us want to have a different life. Many of us feel we are not where we should be or even where we are designed to be. The issue is that we have no idea how to get there – especially if we are striving to survive where we are.

How would you use the FedEx Small Business Grant money to make a significant impact on your business?

The cash and prizes from the FedEx contest will be used to expand our workshops and events so that we are positioned to help more people discover and pursue their unique design and purpose. It will also be used as a source for hiring freelance designers and create the materials for the workshops and events. Any additional funds will be used to expand our online platforms and opportunities according to our long range goals and plans for Peculiar Productions and its endeavors.


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