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Living Whole Foods, Inc.

Springville, UT

  • E-Commerce
  • health
  • healthy lifestyles
  • food
  • vegan

We are an ecommerce retailer of supplies to grow your own living foods indoors: wheatgrass kits, sprouting supplies, microgreens, herbs, etc

What inspired you to get into the business you are in today?

I am a Vegan and a large percentage of my diet is living and raw foods. When I graduated from high school in 2000, I approached my brother Parker, who had lots of ecommerce experience about starting a company to sell kits and supplies so people could grow their own wheatgrass. We thought it would be a good business to help people live a healthier lifestyle and help me pay my way through college. 14 years later we employ over 20 people and have helped tens of thousands live and eat healthier.

How do you define success for yourself and for your business?

Our business is a success if we have great products and great customer service that helps our customers to live and eat healthier. We love hearing from our customers of their success in growing their own all year long so they can eat healthy live foods. We want our customers to be not only happy, but healthy. Obviously we need to be strong and profitable to be able to expand our business. This allows us to employ more people and advertise our products to a wider audience of customers.

How would you use the FedEx SMB Grant money to make a significant impact on your business and/or on others?

We started our business in my brother's garage with $100 cash and a credit card. Other than a loan for our warehouse we are 100% self funded and debt free. As such we are forced to grow at a slower rate than we otherwise could. We typically pay cash for even things like packaging machines and other automation. We would use the grant money to invest in more automation in our warehouse to allow us to scale at a faster pace.

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