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Old Flame Mending

Pittsburgh, PA

Environmental / Sustainability

About Old Flame Mending

Your favorite cozy sweater. Those jeans you have kept for years because they fit you perfectly. The quilt that has been passed down through generations. These are items you want to love forever, but sometimes they need a little help when wear and tear makes them less than functional. Old Flame Mending is a sewing service that helps you keep your beloved garments out of the landfill and in your wardrobe through repair, tailoring/ alterations, and custom work.

I founded this service in 2019 as a response to the overwhelming amount of textile waste from the fast fashion industry. I quickly realized that many people want to keep their favorite garments and home textiles intact for as long as possible. Since we began, Old Flame Mending has worked on over 5000 garments, with local and national reach through our brick and mortar shop as well as a mail-in service. We employ 6 contract sewists, all with various specialties, from sweater repair to quilt restoration to leatherwork.

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