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First Line Technology

Fredericksburg, VA


About First Line Technology

According to the CDC, opioid-related overdoses continue to rise. Opioid-related tragedies affect thousands of Americans daily. First Line Technology provides First Responders with the necessary tools to keep themselves safe while enhancing their life-saving capabilities with decontamination solutions like the Synthetic Opioid Safety (SOS) Kit.

The SOS Kit contains essential items to detect synthetic opioids like fentanyl and defend the lives of First Responders and civilians. The kit contains personal protective equipment, lifesaving Narcan, and Hybrid Decon tools like US government-developed Dahlgren Decon and FiberTect to decontaminate threats.

First Line Technology’s priority is keeping our nation’s First Responders protected while they selflessly keep our communities safe. Continual research and development of our products is crucial to providing First Responders with the best resources for their mission.

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